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Getting Started

SwiftMQ Universal Edition (UR) is a commercial product of SwiftMQ. It is based on SwiftMQ Community Edition (CE) and extends it with:

  • Commercial support

  • Authentication Swiftlet based on JDBC

  • FileCache Swiftlet to transfer files over JMS

  • Application Container Swiftlet to run applications within the Router's JVM

  • JMS Swiftlet with support for distributed transactions (XA)

  • Store Swiftlet based on JDBC

  • JavaMail Bridge Extension Swiftlet to bridge JavaMail with messaging

  • Replicator Extension Swiftlet to automatically replicate files and directories over SwiftMQ Router Networks


SwiftMQ UR is governed by this License.

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Copyright and Trademark

SwiftMQ is a product and (c) of IIT Software GmbH. SwiftMQ and Swiftlet are registered trademarks (R) of IIT Software GmbH.

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