Note: This upgrade procedure is valid for release 12.1.0 only! Upcoming releases will provide you with rolling upgrades without downtime. However, release 12.1.0 requires stopping both HA instances because we have removed Swiftlets which can't be handled by the rolling upgrade.

To upgrade a SwiftMQ HA Router follow these steps:

  • Install both instances of the new SwiftMQ HA Router (new release).

  • Stop both instances of the old SwiftMQ HA Router (old release).

  • Copy the complete data directory from the old to the new release for both instances.

  • Start both instances of the new SwiftMQ HA Router (new release).

During startup, the new SwiftMQ HA Router will automatically convert the routerconfig.xml and apply changes, if necessary. To accomplish this, it is important that you always use the router script of the new release!

SwiftMQ clients will transparently reconnect to the new SwiftMQ Router. If necessary, update them with the new swiftmq.jar when you have time.

Upgrade from older Releases

Please have a look here.