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SMQP Network Buffer Management (Router)

In SwiftMQ 13, the approach to router input buffers for the SMQP protocol (JMS) has been revised. The system now employs fixed buffers, with the buffer size determined by the length field of incoming packets. Consequently, the attributes router-input-buffer-size and router-input-buffer-extend-size from previous releases are no longer in use. They remain present in the system solely for compatibility purposes, but do not impact the new fixed buffer functionality.

SMQP Network Output Buffer Management (Router)

The router-output-buffer-size attribute is now utilized to determine the size of fragments in the fragmented buffers for SMQP (JMS). While the router-output-buffer-extend-size attribute is still present in the configuration for compatibility, it is no longer functional for SMQP in the updated buffer management system.

Number Selector Tasks

The number-selector-tasks attribute in the Network Swiftlet now has a new default value set to 10. This adjustment is aimed at enhancing the system's capability to efficiently handle a high volume of concurrent connections, especially when numerous connections are attempting to establish simultaneously.

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