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In this document for the major release 13, we delve into the transformative journey SwiftMQ has undertaken, aligning completely with Virtual Threads as introduced in JDK 21. This shift marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of SwiftMQ, bringing about remarkable improvements in efficiency and scalability. The adoption of Virtual Threads is more than an upgrade; it's a redefinition of how SwiftMQ operates at its core, setting new benchmarks in the realm of messaging technology.

Additionally, this release heralds a complete migration to GraalVM, a move that integrates this advanced JVM directly into every SwiftMQ distribution. This integration is a significant step in simplifying the user experience, as it removes the need for external JDK installations and maintenance. It reflects our commitment to not only advancing the technical capabilities of SwiftMQ but also to enhancing the ease of use and deployment for our users.

The upgrade to SwiftMQ 13 is designed to be straightforward, with most differences from the 12.x series being resolved automatically. The sections that follow will detail the specific changes and improvements in this release, highlighting how they differ from the previous version and the practical benefits these changes bring. This information aims to provide a clear understanding of the enhancements and how they can positively impact your use of SwiftMQ.

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