This release provides performance improvements of the file-based persistent store. You can now scan the page.db to determine the optimum page size and convert the store to the new page size on the next reboot/startup. This can increase performance by a factor 5 and is especially relevant for producer bursts (sending many messages without delay). Look here for detailed information.

You can now set a hard limit for incoming message sizes to avoid OutOfMemory errors. More here.

It provides a new install script that installs GraalVM including required optional components automatically. More here.

Upgrading SwiftMQ HA Router

Because of new properties in the Store Swiftlet configuration, you cannot do a rolling upgrade. Please shut down both HA instances and then perform the upgrade.


SWIF-14 SwiftletManager: Extension Swiftlet config lost after saving config from Streams

SWIF-3 Importing XML Messages throws Exception


SWIF-18 SwiftMQ HA: Disconnect if garbage is received on replication channel

SWIF-17 Use web proxy in 'router' scripts

SWIF-15 Provide install script to install GraalVM

SWIF-12 SwiftMQ HA: set proper replication-excludes in preconfig files for stores (replicated store.xml, sharedstore.xml, jdbcstore.xml)

SWIF-11 Docker: Use GraalVM 22.2

SWIF-10 Store Swiftlet: Compact page.db during startup

SWIF-8 Store Swiftlet: Scan page.db to recommend new page size

SWIF-6 Management Swiftlet: End support of old SwiftMQ Explorer

SWIF-5 Store Swiftlet: Optimize page size of page.db during startup to increase performance

SWIF-4 Implement hard-limit for incoming message size to avoid OOM