Discontinued Products

The following products have been discontinued:

  • SwiftMQ AMQP Router

  • SwiftMQ Dashboard

Discontinued Features

The following features have been removed from SwiftMQ:

  • JEE Resource Adapter (App Server)

  • SNMP Extension Swiftlet

  • Portmapper Extension Swiftlet

  • Amazon SQS Extension Swiftlet

  • Multicast Extension Swiftlet

  • LDAP Authentication Swiftlet

Major Changes

To make SwiftMQ more docker friendly we have changed the data structure of our distributions. All dynamic data is now under a data/ folder and can be easily mapped into a docker container.

The CE and UR distributions now contain the configuration for a single router (default name router) instead of 2 routers.

We have added a new feature called preconfig. It is now possible to store all node-specific configurations such as router name, queues, topics, listeners, etc in so-called preconfig files. These files are applied to a standard router configuration during startup and turn it into a node-specific configuration. This is especially useful when using docker or SwiftMQ HA.